Mrs. Clark's LA Class

Welcome to Mrs. Clark's Room!

AM Language Arts (8:45am - 10:50am)
PM Language Arts (12:00pm - 2:35pm)

Our Google Classroom is a great tool for students to use
in class, and out of class! 
Stay safe and remember

Did you read today?
It is very important that you read for at least 20 minutes at home each day. The more you read, the better your skills will continue to develop over the course of the school year.
This is also a great way to build reading stamina and knowledge of vocabulary. We have a Scholastic Reading Club code to use online.
It is 
Guided Reading Groups - Guided Reading groups are flexible and students may move each time we change books, based on individual needs.

*There will be several guided reading groups within each Language Arts class in addition to some groups that will meet with Mrs. Duvall. Please remember to always do your specific reading assignments to prepare for your group discussions.
Writing! Writing! Writing!
How is your stamina?
Can you complete a writing project in 60 minutes?

*Work Word usually starts during the second full week of school.
Word Work  - Word work and vocabulary will be incorporated into Language Arts (LA). We will begin our lists on specific days (Day 1) and test on Day 6 of each cycle week. Students will be given lists that focus on words of the day, academic vocabulary, and commonly misused words. We are excited to work with these words in Language Arts class! Remember to use them to enhance your writing!
Need A Quick Way to Practice Grammar?
Use iXL to study grammar
*Note: The site will let you do 20 questions per session without creating an account. I have given each of my LA students an account login.  :-) Have fun!